Tales of a Leaky Toilet….

This is a long one, so brace yourself!

So back in late December / early January (that time of year just blurs into its own time zone) our downstairs neighbour knocked on the door and told me his bathroom ceiling was leaking. I went down to take a look and, sure enough, his ceiling was leaking – and there was a steady drip! There was mold around the corner of his bathroom ceiling, and some in his kitchen on the other side of the partition wall….he asked if we had a leak? Not that I know of! Could I take a look? Of course!!

I go upstairs and have a look in the obvious spots around taps and under the bath (don’t remember why but the bath panel was off), can’t see anything. However whilst I’m down on all fours in our bathroom a drip coming from the back of our toilet catches my eye. It’s a tiny drip, one drop every five seconds or so….could that be it? Doesn’t look like much….I wedge a small vitamin tablet container under it to catch the water and go into the living room to let Aidan know what’s going on. Whilst on the phone to him I go back in to the bathroom, in that way that you do – looking at the thing you’re talking about. I crouch down and am shocked to see that the container I wedged behind the toilet is already full and overflowing….this may be worse than first anticipated. Aidan insists he’ll be able to fix it, and I spend the day emptying out small pots of water waiting for him to get home and have a go.

Later that evening, after a good hour spent hugging the toilet and tried various searches for videos on youtube about ‘how to fix a leaky toilet’, Aidan concedes to ring his sister – who is in regular contact with various contractors due to her line of work. We talk to a plumber who comes to have a look the next day. He explains that he believes there is a crack at the base of our cistern which is causing water to drip down. Earliest he can come round to fix the loo is January 2nd – so in a few days. Try to use the loo as little as possible.

New years eve passed, the leak becoming steadily worse. We went from a small container catching drips, to wedging a towel behind the toilet and periodically wringing it out. Eventually it got so bad that Aidan was filling the cistern when we desperately needed to go and emptying the cistern and turning off the water supply when we weren’t using the loo. Not great….

Then on the 2nd Jan, our saviour appeared early in the morning. He came bearing a brand new toilet, and spent a number of hours ripping out the old one and installing the new one. No more drip! No more filling and emptying the cistern! £700 lighter in our wallets due to the time of year it all happened (typical) – but at least the problem was solved. Now we just had to ring our insurance to see if we were covered…..and that’s a whole other story, and a whole new set of problems!



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