Temporary Move

So Aidan and I had to move out of our place last Tuesday. The whole saga surrounding the leak we had over the xmas/new year break has dragged on and on, with little to no communication from the insurance liaison company. We found out late on Thursday (March 2nd) that a removal company had been booked for the following Tuesday. Crazy thing is we had to go all Sherlock Holmes just to find out we were scheduled to be moved! The tip off came when I received a call that day from the contractor who had assessed us for damage/spread of damp from the leak, saying he’d been given the all clear to start ripping up the floors and getting the concrete dried – were we out of the flat yet? Erm….no….this is all news to us….

So we got in touch with the insurance liaison people, and tried to get some kind of answer to what was going on. But of course, you can never get through and they take forever to respond to emails. I’ve left a few messages for these people and I can honestly say I’ve never had a call back! So damn frustrating! In the end Aidan managed to get through to someone and they confirmed that yes we were being moved out on Tuesday, accommodation still needed to be sorted, and we needed to fill out a removal form for the removal company and get it back to them first thing the next day.

So we’d been given 4 days and an evening to try and get our shit together….Super stressful. So what could we do for accommodation? We’d been offered a room in Crystal Palace Travelodge (which is actually in Penge….) and £10 a day each to cover food and extra travel costs. Greeeaatttt….We live in London. How is £10 going to cover 3 meals….We tried to get in touch with them on the Friday to see if it was possible to stay with Aidan’s parents instead, but didn’t get an answer until late in the day the following Monday!! Luckily we’ve been allowed to stay with Aidan’s parents, which should be slightly less stressful for us and more importantly the cats.

Anyway, Tuesday rolls round all too quickly. We’d packed all weekend, trying to figure out what we might need for the 2 weeks – 2 months we might be out of the flat. We’d been told that we wouldn’t be able to access anything that went into storage, so this took ages to figure out! The flat looked like a bomb had gone off, and the cats were understandably acting rather cautiously.

We tried to keep the morning as stress free for Gizmo and Luna as possible, and had decided to get them out of the flat before the removal men came. We got gizmo into his cat box fairly easily, but the meows were like no sound I’d ever heard him make before. Luna was a bit more difficult, she’d sussed out what was going on and decided to hide under anything she could, including the kitchen cupboards….tail fluffed up and eyes wild. Once she was in her carry case she was much calmer. We got them down to the car and Aidan whisked them off to their new temporary home before returning to collect our bare-minimum possessions, and we followed on about 4 hours later once our lives were packed into bags and boxes.

Gizmo and Luna, not really enjoying their new home on the first day!

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