Exhibition: Vancouver Mural Festival – Year 2 // Vancouver, Canada


I was lucky enough to get myself down to this year’s Vancouver Mural Festival exhibition at the Burrard Arts Foundation a couple of days before it ended. It’s the first time I’ve ever been to the space, which is conveniently located on East Broadway – only a few minutes walk from Main Street, and almost in the epicentre of where you’ll find the awesome murals created during both this and last year’s festivals.


Now I have to apologise in advance for the quality of the photos. In a huge case of absentmindedness I somehow managed to leave my SD card in my laptop, the realisation of which occurred when I was trying to take my first photo….So I had to put my big, expensive, camera shaped brick back into my bag and fell back on my phone’s *meh* camera instead. On the flip side though, it’s given me a chance to improve my photo editing skills – as I’ve had to correct warped lines, adjust odd perspectives and re-balance lighting. I’ll have to make a post in the future showing you all how to straighten out the lines of a warped phone photo using Photoshop….Anyway, on to the exhibition!


The show provided an interesting opportunity to see work made by this year’s mural artists outside of a mural context. With some you could see there was a direct translation from their regular practice to approaching working in such a different scale. Upsizing, multiplying, repeating – all of which allowed them to transpose their work from small scale canvas/paper/etc to large scale outdoor space. With others the link was either less obvious or the transformation from their regular practice into their mural was pleasingly unexpected – with some leaving you feeling like they should just quit making ‘small’ work and just find large walls to paint instead!


The space itself is great. The front of the gallery is a wall of glass which lets an awesome amount of light in, and the gallery is a generally open plan white-walled-wonder but with a couple of nooks to explore aswell. Shows of this kind can often be a little difficult to curate, as the only linking feature in this case is the artists’ involvement in the mural festival. Despite the disparity in style, subject matter and size – the show was put together well and generally flowed nicely. As I’ve already said, the show acted as a nice accompaniment to the mural festival itself – almost like a kind of ‘behind the scenes’, or a preliminary doodle. I think next year I might make the effort to see the show before I take a look at the new murals, as I feel like that would make more sense as a viewer!

For a full list of participating artists, and the Burrard Arts Foundation’s own write up on the show, just head over to their website.


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