things to see: Vancouver, Exhibitions

Hard to believe, but it’s already October!! The sun is still trying it’s best to carry on shining and is keeping the clouds and rain at bay for now, and of course a new month means a new set of exhibitions to check out.

This month is a little quieter as far as arts-events-outside-of-a-gallery go, although that being said – the Vancouver International Film Festival is in full swing, and there’s a tonne of exciting stuff going on in conjunction with that. There is also, of course, the annual global event that is Inktober. I took part in this for the first time last year, although I ended up having to make my contributions less frequently than planned because of work. I learnt from the experience and am taking part again this year, and have decided to take a more relaxed approach – I’m going ahead with the knowledge that I may only get half an hour per day to make something, and so am putting less pressure on myself to make super involved work.

Included in the round up this month is Rebecca Chaperon’s current exhibition, which is a little further afield than the others I have included. Don’t let this put you off! The Seymour Art Gallery is in Deep Cove, which you can get to from Vancouver in about 40 minutes by bus (less if you’re signed up to one of Vancouver’s car share providers.) If the weather is good, you can make a day of it by hiking up to Quarry Rock for an amazing view over Indian Arm, or take to the water – there’s a nice little place to rent kayaks and canoes there. It also gives you an excuse to go to Honey Doughnuts & Goodies….their maple syrup doughnut is just *Homer Simpson dribble sound*OctThings to SeeI’m actually pretty excited to check out Twenty-Three Days at Sea, Chapter 2 – as one of the artists involved was in the year below me at Kingston University. I remember her performances being really mesmerising, so it will be interesting to see how Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn’s practice has developed since I last encountered her a few years back.

As well as the exhibitions I’ve highlighted in this month’s flyer I would also like to mention Amphibia, which is on at Centre A until the 14th of October – and looks to be a really interesting show.

Amphibia….will transform Centre A into a hybrid physical and digital space using five newly commissioned works, ranging from site-specific pieces to pulse-sensing technologies that interact with our own physical, individual bodies. Meanwhile, a continuous, cumulative, and interactive piece, 24 hours being others, will be generated throughout the show based on social media algorithmic prompts and audience responses.

There are also a couple of shows from the September post that are still on through most of October and are definitely worth checking out, these include:
Aileen Bahmanipour : Technical Problem at Grunt Gallery; and Gio Swaby : We All Know Each Other at UNIT/PITT.

Have an awesome week!!


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