Van Mural Fest 2017 – how we made our mark

This year marks the second ever Mural Festival in Vancouver, taking place from the 7th – 12th August around the Mount Pleasant and Strathcona areas of the city. There are tons of new murals going up, and it’s a really exciting time for street art in the city – which has completely transformed the area from how we remember it when we visited last June.

So yesterday after work (that’s right I got myself a job already!!) – Aidan and I headed over to Mount Pleasant to find the festival in full swing! Murals going up left right and centre, some in their infancy and others fully formed. We headed to 4th to help finish up a community-painted mural designed by Jenny Ritter and facilitated by Tin Can Studios.

The mural was open for the public to fill in, paint-by-numbers style, on the 9th &10th of August. We arrived around 6 on the 10th to find most of the mural done, but they were still in need of people to go over patchy areas and neaten up lines. Aidan had the important task of bridging the gap between two indigo roads, and I set to tightening up a bunch of electric blue areas around a large bird.

This is the part of the mural I helped tidy up. Pretty proud of my work in electric blue around the trees! The lady doing the hand lettering is Jenny Ritter, who designed the mural.

The ladies from Tin Can Studio running the event were super friendly and chatty, as was artist Jenny Ritter – who runs a rock choir in Vancouver! We both really enjoyed ourselves, and it felt great to be taking part in an arts event so soon after coming to Vancouver – as well as knowing that we were making our mark in our newly adopted city.

No free pastries were involved….apparently….

We may have missed out on free pastries….

exhibition: David Hepher // London

So a couple of weeks ago I went to see David Hepher’s latest exhibition at London’s Flowers Gallery.


I was first introduced to Hepher’s work when I was doing my A-levels (and coincidentally visited this show with the A-level Art and Graphics students’ on a trip with work.) He seems to be a solid choice for art teachers!


Despite having ‘studied’ him all those years ago, this is the first time I’ve actually seen his work in person. I hadn’t realised quite how big a part texture plays in his paintings, so that was a bit of a revelation for me. It was also quite interesting to see how he works in different scales, and how he uses separate panels to form larger works.


The exhibition is on until the 13th of May 2017, well worth a look if you’re in the area (and a good excuse to pop into one of the awesome Vietnamese restaurants when you’re done!!)