Getting back into it

So since the move things have felt a little stagnant. Upheaval can really make it feel like you've hit the pause button within your personal life, while everything else┬áraces on around you. I don't know where the last 2 weeks have gone! All I know is that my etsy is feeling a bit stale (although… Continue reading Getting back into it


Creative Resilience

So in those times of self doubt, or when you're hit by ┬áthe need to create but there's nothing coming to you, it can be really tough as a creative. I often have moments where the desire to make is overwhelming, but all my ideas have decided to desert me - which is ridiculously frustrating!… Continue reading Creative Resilience

creative guilt

I don't know if anyone else gets this, but sometimes I am enveloped by guilt because I feel I am not making enough. In the last few months I feel like my creative output has been really low. Admittedly, I have been working on my new etsy shop products for AyamByMaya, so it's not like… Continue reading creative guilt

Acsensur emotional

I made a flippant comment about the emotional roller-coaster that is printmaking, and the french student working beside me looked confused. I gestured the ups and downs. Aaah, in French we say emotional lift! Don't you just love the nuances of language!? I wonder how other languages phrase this....anyone care to offer up the equivalent… Continue reading Acsensur emotional

Unfamiliar drawing

I have taken my first tentative steps in lithography (this January) I consider myself to be someone who draws. My practice is hugely informed by and preoccupied with drawing - so for a while now I have wanted to try my hand at lithography - one of the most mysterious techniques within printmaking. So I… Continue reading Unfamiliar drawing