Temporary Move

So Aidan and I had to move out of our place last Tuesday. The whole saga surrounding the leak we had over the xmas/new year break has dragged on and on, with little to no communication from the insurance liaison company. We found out late on Thursday (March 2nd) that a removal company had been booked for… Continue reading Temporary Move

Tales of a Leaky Toilet….

This is a long one, so brace yourself! So back in late December / early January (that time of year just blurs into its own time zone) our downstairs neighbour knocked on the door and told me his bathroom ceiling was leaking. I went down to take a look and, sure enough, his ceiling was… Continue reading Tales of a Leaky Toilet….

Creative Resilience

So in those times of self doubt, or when you're hit by  the need to create but there's nothing coming to you, it can be really tough as a creative. I often have moments where the desire to make is overwhelming, but all my ideas have decided to desert me - which is ridiculously frustrating!… Continue reading Creative Resilience